We Heart Wiley Valentine

Thought we'd feature some designs from one of our most favorite of designers, Wiley Valentine.
The photos below illustrate the sheer breadth of their design versatility- always with a flair for the ornate, but from the most modern of edge to the most delicate of soft. LUV them!!!

Love their sophisticated take on coral and sea motifs- especially their clever use on the reply card.

Calligraphy swirls, another hot topic, illuminate this lovely

A great fresh take on bold black and white, very of the moment- a really popular color combo right now.

Love the play on scale with the screened back dandelion, and the contrast of it with the tiny dots of the name band.

A proverbial classic- delightful dogwood

Last but not least, my own wedding invitation- a Wiley imprintable, printed by On Paper Press in the shop. I LUV, LUV, LUV this - for it's ornate, delicate, timeless simplicity - casual romance at it's finest. Did I mention- I HEART Wiley Valentine!!

Images via Wiley Valentine (except my invite) ;-)


Mix it up

Lovin' these two new stationery sets from Chronicle Books...

16 writing sheets and 16 envelopes (4 designs, 2 of each style). Great size... keep it short and sweet but just enough room so say a bit more than a card: 6 x 7-3/4 inches. Super cool printed envelopes that coorodinate with each letter sheet to mix and match. Each set contains one sheet of stickers with assorted playful icons- embellish with abandon! At only $8.95- these are a Recession proof pick!

The set above is by Djerba Goldfinger for Repro Depot. Folk and Flora Mix & Match Stationery -- Funky textile inspired patterns adorn stationery sheets to flaunt your creative spirit. So fun to put together combos that add a surprise to any mailbox.

The second is by British designer SUKIE- an amazing designer who came on the scene years ago and launched a whole new trend of style. Often imitated- these are the real thing! My personal pick: squirrels and hedgehogs... what's yours??


Lovely Liberty

Winter just not measuring up?? Well here it is only mid January and I'm already dreaming of Spring. So I headed straight for the floral source and just took a little time in the sun at the Liberty of London website. Who doesn't love an iconic Liberty floral?

There's always so much detail in surprisingly simple prints. Lots more updated collections as well, though I gravitate toward the old tried and true mille fleurs.

And my personal fave- the peacock series.... have loved it for a lifetime, though this is a newer version designed in 2007.

So if the winter blues are settling in, head across the pond to the House of Liberty for a pocketful of sunshine!

All photos via Liberty.


Cookbook + Style = Wedding Inspiration

While visiting one of my favorite shopping sites, One King's Lane, I came upon a Designer Profile for food designer Victoria Armory. Not being a foodie myself, I was drawn not so much to her food tips, but to the photos of her lovely table settings. Her style exudes easy sophistication and elegance, without pretension.

Hop over and watch the entire slide show- great ideas in there for table design, perfect for a rehearsal dinner or to inspire a wedding concept. Pay special attention to how a table cloth can transform the room, not to mention a textile print from a napkin can launch the look of the entire event.

After reading her bio occurred to me that cook books are a great source of inspiration for wedding design. Great ideas and styling tips abound. So embrace your inner Julia- and visit the cookbook section of your local bookshop. Did somebody say Bon Appetit?!

All photos via onekingslane.com ... if you don't already know this website- you are in for a treat- join up and don't miss the Designer Profiles, not to mention the FAB sales.


Typo Project

Found a great site tonight- fubiz.net which offers a "daily dose of inspiration" on lots of cool topics-- design, music, advertising, graphics.

Linked over to a very fun site- lots and lots and lots of curvy, curly, creative word play and TYPE.
In particular had some typo luv for "Typo Project" - as in cool images above- featuring lots and lots and lots of curvey, curly creative word play.

Everything was in French- so couldn't understand beaucoup- but at the last minute realized there is an English option button... top right corner- so don't miss that! Tres stupide of moi!!!

Images via Typo Project


'Tis the Season

Wedding Season that is! It's officially begun- lots of appointment bookings and a flittering of brides-to-be hunting for ideas and inspiration. Such a great time - how exciting to select the perfect invitation to set the stage for the big event!


Indie Wed

If any one is headed to Chicago at the end of the month, don't miss this great wedding event on the 30th. Read more here for details. There should be some great ideas and vendors represented- including Green Paper Company!

Have any brides to be out there been to any great wedding shows lately? What were your favorite inspirations?

We'll start planning the next Short North Wedding Walk soon and would love some input!


Buying time--

Time to shop!! Today I have my first buying day that I've had since before the holidays- excited!!! And we need more stuff! Two buying days this week, buying trip to NY at the end of the month...good stuff!!!

Image from Veer.com


Write the Note!

Struggling with who should write those holiday thank you notes? You or your husband? You or your kids? You or YOU?! In the words of that oh so famous tag line-- "Just do it!" You'll be glad you did, they'll be glad your did and you'll start off the new decade with a word of thanks and a communication moment.

Need some new stationery? We can have it to you in a week! Order personalized stationery on line here and receive 20% off! Enter coupon code: BLOG20 at checkout...

Image via veer.com




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