We Heart Wiley Valentine

Thought we'd feature some designs from one of our most favorite of designers, Wiley Valentine.
The photos below illustrate the sheer breadth of their design versatility- always with a flair for the ornate, but from the most modern of edge to the most delicate of soft. LUV them!!!

Love their sophisticated take on coral and sea motifs- especially their clever use on the reply card.

Calligraphy swirls, another hot topic, illuminate this lovely

A great fresh take on bold black and white, very of the moment- a really popular color combo right now.

Love the play on scale with the screened back dandelion, and the contrast of it with the tiny dots of the name band.

A proverbial classic- delightful dogwood

Last but not least, my own wedding invitation- a Wiley imprintable, printed by On Paper Press in the shop. I LUV, LUV, LUV this - for it's ornate, delicate, timeless simplicity - casual romance at it's finest. Did I mention- I HEART Wiley Valentine!!

Images via Wiley Valentine (except my invite) ;-)

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