New to the Shop: Amy Butler Bags

More than any other time of year, summer is when I find myself yearning for a fun new bag. My wardrobe is lighter and brighter, and suddenly the purses I loved all fall and winter seem burdensome and boring. If you're suffering from the same sartorial malaise, I invite you to lay your weary eyes on these beauties. 

Designed by Ohio's own Amy Butler, these organic cotton bags explore a modern palette while invoking a vintage nostalgia through the brassy hardware and large scale floral patterns (created using low-impact dyes). The Nora and Brenda (the oversized coin purse and fold over clutch, respectively) are playful, but structured enough to easily transition to evening. It's the Carried Away bag that's captured my fancy, though... it inspires daydreams of an impromptu weekend getaway, perhaps to the shore... or a day trip to see family in the country... or even packing a just in case bag for a night out with the girls.

Come by the shop to see what summertime fantasies they inspire in you!


New to the Shop: Christina Stankard Jewelry

Last week brought some delicate yet stunning new jewelry to the shop. Incorporating pearls, sapphires and chalcedony, Christina Stankard creates bright earrings and luminous necklaces. All pieces are handmade in her Brooklyn studio -- we imagine it must be filled with natural light, to inspire such ethereal pieces. To see a gallery of her work, check out her website. To adorn yourself with these gorgeous pieces, stop by the shop! I think any one of these pieces would be especially lovely as wedding jewelry....

But I can't promise I won't claim one of these for myself, wedding or no. Hurry in, Columbus brides -- you've been warned!