Mailboxes, etc.

On a recent trip out to Boulder I saw this great row of mailboxes (center) tucked in to a lovely vine covered arbor. Sigh- will these quaint antiquities become a thing of the past!??? I think not.

Denial or delusional????
Your thoughts?



FAB key necklaces from Swallow are also new in the shop... these charmers are cast in pewter from antique keys with sleek patinas in black, gold and copper. Adorned with words like hope, yes, mystery, give, grace and faith- to unlock your inner mantra.

$22, $24 and $26 (based on size) and includes the leather necklace.



These oversize post cards from Hee Haw Design are sellin' like hotcakes! Letterpress printed on chip board, these cards can be sent by post, hung on a wall, placed on a shelf or just left around and about to make you smile! With sayings like "You are my sunshine", I love you more than biscuits" and "Keep on the sunny side" these fun notes are bound to brighten your day!


Country Living Fair

How cool is it that Country Living is presenting it annual fair in our town! They loved Columbus and the Ohio Historical Village so much last year they returned again this time round. I attended for a few hours on Friday and it was absolutely glorious weather and jam packed- what a testament to crafting and how many people L-O-V-E to be creative. Lots of talented exhibitors making everything from floral wreaths, cut paper silhouettes, rag rugs (lots of rugs this year), fabric craft and lots of antiques. And you know how a good primitive cupboard makes me swoon!
I had the honor of meeting the lovely Sarah Gray Miller , Editor-in-Chief of Country Living!, pictured above. We had a nice chat about my fair city, country cottage life and summer weddings. Of course I managed a shameless plug for both Green Paper Company and On Paper- hoping she will make it down to the Short North over the weekend.
I had a great time and my only regret is that I ran out of time and Par-o-Lees Pies ran out of EVERYTHING! I have waited an entire year for their Peach Cobbler but I did find out they are located in Springfield, OH so all is not lost! ;)


To Tent or Not to Tent That is the Question...

Like most couples having an outdoor wedding we grappled with whether the weather forecast which called for a beautiful day was accurate. Considering that the wedding date was sandwiched between rainy days prior and after the situation was unpredictable at best.

In the end we decided to raise the tent and here's what we learned:

- The tent had wood poles- perfect for an outdoor wedding and it actually added ambiance to our garden wedding.

- If your wedding is more formal, be sure you don't have wood poles but request metal poles.

- Tents can be as elaborate as you choose. Adding sides with windows certainly adds a more formal look. A clear top tent creates a striking dramatic effect.

- Decorate the ceiling- drape yards and yards of fabric from the center out. Hang a grouping of vintage chandeliers from the center- inquire with local antiques shops if they can be rented. Hang lanterns, lantern string lights, string lights with more eclectic shapes- nests, aluminum shades, glass spheres.

- Do the dance floor. If you are using the tent for dancing- a more formal affair commands a dance floor.

- For a country cocktail tent (like ours) the simpler the better. Let the table decor (drink serving pieces and such) create the decor.

Photo: Prestige Tents

Photo: Stylemepretty.com

Photo: Stylemepretty.com

Photo: Stylemepretty.com

Photo: Prestige Tents

Photo: Prestige Tents


Ringin' It!

Been wanting to bring in some rings for quite awhile especially these stacking twig rings from Swallow. Sterling delicately cast in organic formations- one set with a diamond and the other without. All great prices too: $110 and $66.

This one by Michel Michaud- also a natural form- birch bark. Sterling with a hint of copper patina and fairly wide width makes a great Fall statement. Also really well priced: $40!


Monday Montage: Romantic Vintage Blush

Put together these incredibly soft and lovely images that epitomize romance. Perfect for a wedding this Spring- I can't decide which image I love the most! I think I have to go with the gown in the "ROMANCE" image- utterly sublime!!!

Photo Credits:
Top row left to right: Bittersweet Designs, Paul Rich Studio for Twigs and Honey, Peculiar Pair Press (available at On Paper), Peoniesandpolaroids.com
Center top left: gypsyrosewrites.wordpress.com
Center top right: theenglishdept.com
Center: theenglishdept.com
Center bottom left: Bittersweet Designs
Center bottom right: Bittersweet Designs (available at On Paper)
Bottom row left to right: Twigsandhoney.com, neviepiecakes at Flickr.com, Twigsandhoney.com


If you're reading this- we need your help today (Sunday)!

As most of you know- I recently founded Green Paper Company- a whole recycled paper business that is near and dear to my heart. Late yesterday afternoon I learned about a great contest that will award a prize to one small businesses. However- (always a however!) the deadline is today. In order to secure a entry we need 50 endorsements and we need YOUR HELP!!! The prize is a steep $100,000 so while a long shot it is a must try!

If it's not to much to ask- we so would appreciate it if you could register following the directions below and cast your vote.

Thanks you so much for your support and for trying to help us with our green paper initiative!

1. Click HERE
to link to our contest story page.

2. In the upper right corner is says Register. Click there.

3. Follow the steps to register. (I know, I know- you don't want to but please do it)

4. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of all the rules and check the box at the end.

5. Click submit.

6. Now you can vote and endorse a site.

7. Go back to my story page using the link above in step 1.

8. When you get to the page- click the ENDORSE THIS STORY in the top upper left top corner and cast your vote.

9. YAY- thanks again!


OP on SMP !!

(Please click on image to enlarge) ;)

To view our Style Me Pretty page for Invitations- click HERE... for Calligraphy HERE and keep an eye out for more gallery photo and inspiration posts on Style Me Pretty- one of THE best wedding blogs in the world!!


Wednesday: What's New? Bittersweet Designs

Can't wait for our order to arrive from Bittersweet Designs... and we know it's been shipped and on it's way!

Beautiful vintage inspired collaged art in the form of frames, memo boards, note books and albums- each an individual work of art.

Here's what artist/owner Laura Lenfesty has to say about her work and her company: "Bittersweet Designs is about life’s collage. It’s about finding new ways every day to celebrate life’s special moments. Bittersweet crafts journals for thoughts and words, frames for precious photographs, cards and tags for sharing. Collage finds its way into each piece with vintage wallpapers, flocked prints from India, and silk ribbons alongside rediscovered trims and findings. Each of Bittersweet’s handcrafted pieces is unique as a result of the handmade process; they echo the essence of the moment- encompassing where you’ve been, where you are, and what you dream to be." Dreamy indeed!!


Monday Montage: Calligraphy Glimpse

Lots more focus on calligraphy on upcoming posts!.....

In the interim- Happy Labor Day to all- have a bit of a rest!!!