Holiday Windows

Cut curl pin twirl - rock paper scissors - paper cut !

Our holiday windows are in and if we do say so ourselves- luv-ly! Michelle did an amazing job creating paper trees for our holiday window scape. See more photos in our Facebook album here...


New Luv: Niven Morgan

We're luvin' Niven Morgan- and the Jean Baptiste 1717 Collection. Soap, hand lotion and an aromatic candle are perfectly packaged and couldn't be more suited to our shop. {note: sealing wax loveliness}

Here's what the creator says about this collection:

"A young but sophisticated fragrance, Jean Baptiste 1717 evokes the seductive soul of New Orleans: oak lined boulevards, jasmined air, distant song, sweet times, love lost and found. The scent: Water hyacinth, jasmine and tuberose floating through a sensual aura: wild rose and princess lily with subtle traces of caramel and creamy vanilla, and base notes of rich woods and warm patchouli.

Niven Morgan’s Jean Baptiste 1717 celebrates New Orleans past and present and its founding father, Jean Baptiste le Moyne de Bienville, the aristocrat who established the city in 1717 as the capital of French Louisiana. His original settlement survives to this day as the Vieux CarrĂ©, or French Quarter."

Lather up your shopping list and add this as a go to gift this holiday season!


Crane's Best Sale Ever!

If stationery is on your gift list this holiday season be sure to check out Crane's limited time sale. It's their best pricing ever and is offered on their top selling personalized stationery styles.
P.S. Our pricing is the same as on the Crane's website. Purchase in the shop or on OUR website and you support a local business. Buy from Crane's website and, well... you know how that story unfolds.