Columbus Dispatch Gift Guide Features On Paper

Check out today's Columbus Dispatch- the annual Holiday Gift Guide features one of On Paper's photo albums! This is a great album, and hard to find... we've purchased the last few from Kolo, the manufacturer.

The pewter gray fabric cover with scarlet red stitched accents is the perfect gift for any Buckeye fan on your list. But shop soon...supplies are limited and at $20 bucks (no pun intended!) - it's a score! (pun intended!)


Happy Thanksgiving!

Vintage postcard from cardcow.com


Sugarboo Designs

So excited- been waiting a long time for these pieces to arrive from Sugarboo Designs. This husband and wife team create wonderfully primitive wood signs, frames and art. We have a few pieces in store and a host of others can be special ordered. You can see their full collection here and place your order in the shop. Allow lots of time though- we've been waiting awhile for these handmade goodies!

(in stock)

(special order)

(special order)

Thinking Christmas gift? We've got you covered- we will give you a "Special Order Certificate" to present as your gift, letting the lucky recipient know a special order gift is on it's way!


Window Preview

Michelle and I are gearing up to install our Holiday windows tomorrow. Last year we won the award for BOTH Best Window Overall and Best Use of Product. This year is a bit less conceptual and it's not about paper- so we'll see (the pressure's on!) ;)

Here's a hint...


Simply Charming

Retro french vintage style continues to be tres chic. New charms- enameled face charms, fleur-de-lis, amour and beaux motifs. Adorn bracelets, chains and sold a la carte to embellish your own accessories. Also some great vintage inspired hearts and lockets....

New... clip on enameled, silver and brass charms with fab french motifs- a super easy, cheap 'n cheerful way to adorn everything from necklaces to cell phones.


Personalized Holiday Card Sale

Here's today's email "blast"... lots of great deals on personalized holiday cards- up to 20% off!

Not receiving our (not too frequent and not too spam-y) email promos and newletters? If you'd like to, send us an email and we'll add you to the list!


Pottery Barn Stylin'

A special shout out to the stylists at Pottery Barn. I was so intrigued looking through their recent catalogs by the prolific use of so many paperie props throughout the pages. Really interesting to see how letters, photos and ephemera- all once mundane, are now treated as objets d'art. A stunning statement don't you think!?

So many paper precious details- the twine swag of cards over the window (top left), not to mention a vast array of bulletin boards and ribbon boards. The casual, seemingly random elegance of photos and such over the bed. I especially LUV the white frame bulletin boards with ephemera as art (bottom right). And (top right) such great contrasts: vintage and modern/ masculine and feminine.

Some truly fab holiday decor inspirations as well... book pages as wreaths, letters and such as tree ornaments and old photos tucked into vases amidst candles- what a perfectly splendid table!

And, last but not least- the introduction of the amazing Wakefield chandelier- how perfect is that? LUV it!!

All photos by Pottery Barn - potterybarn.com


Need a Color Pallette??

What color is your wedding? Lots of pressure to pick a color scheme- but fear not! Recently found a great color tool - the Color Palette Generator from Big Huge Labs. If your are seeking the perfect palette- this will really help.

It's simple- find inspiration you like in a photo- it could be completely unrelated to anything wedding at all. Log in, upload your photo and the generator reads the colors in the photo. What's so nice is that it not only reads the focal color, but all the surrounding ones as well. When combined, they often offer a surprising mix- combos you would never think of yourself. Give it a try!


Oh la la! So French-

So very pleased to introduce these newest lovelies by artist Jodi French. Jodi and I worked together in our Limited days. She is now a mom and artist living in New Hampshire we have recently reacquainted - thnku Facebook. Jodi's work encompasses a vintage elegance we are so fond of here at On Paper. I think these wearable (VERY wearable) fiber florals are just perfect!

Bracelet cuff- really unique piece flowers are stitched to a rustic linen fabric- a great contrast that simply works- so original and the colors are perfect together.

Satin fabric, vintage beads, burnished edges are some of the delicate details that define the work.

This one is brooch- ultra suede for a much more rustic, everyday look.
Pearl beads, crochet center- LUV!

My fave of the collection- this can be worn day, night, formal black-tie,
w/jeans and everything in between.
A stunning combo of textures and dimensions.

A divine accessory- wear as a belt, headband wrap, necklace of any length-
Did someone say holiday par-tay!!?

Thanks Jodi- I love having them at On Paper!


7 Things I Heart Today

Photo by Emily Noble

A stunningly beautiful day today here in Columbus O-H-I-O so I waltzed over to Goodale Park for a few moments to clear my head and reflect on 5 simple things I love today:

1. The ginormous lilly pads springing up from the pond. Incredibly tall and incredibly huge!

2. More natural forms- 12" pods dangling from a beautiful old tree and dancing above my head.

3. The black and red ladybug that just landed on the black park bench where I am sitting. A card design in the making.

4. The white noise of the nearby highway- sounding a bit like the ocean and a bit like a hum of a big city. Reminding me it is neither, but happy that it tricks me in to thinking so.

5. Smiling dogs running through the park- happy, carefree, romping.

6. Ducks, ducks and more ducks- claiming their turf and flaunting their feathers for the Mrs. to be- at least the next Mrs. to be for the winter that is!

7. Despite a very tough economy and a very slow week the shop is busy today. And life is good- we have parks- and the park is FREE!


Take Note

Notecards, note pads, note books - if it's for notes- we've got it!

Photo by C Studios


Honorable Mention

So pleased! My very own wedding favor from my very own wedding was mentioned yesterday on a fab wedding inspiration blog: The Sweetest Occasion. Take a look- and while you are there be sure to read some of Cyd's previous posts for some truly inspired ideas!

P.S. Cards available at the shop (614) 424-6617 ;-)


Initial LUV

I love this site I just read about on the Orange Beautiful blog (thanx Emily!) -

The Daily Drop Cap is an ongoing project by illustrator and typographer Jessica Hiche.Every day Jessica posts a different, amazing, handcrafted initial cap for your viewing pleasure. Generous, you say? Wait- the best part is yet to come- you can use these caps for your own enjoyment (restrictions apply) and re-post them with her easy to follow directions. What a great idea!