Current Wedding Trends

We subscribe to a wedding industry professionals website called The Wedding Report- it's a great inside look in to the wedding market, lots of demographics and also trend reports.

Thought we'd share this re-cap of current wedding themes based on trends listed in The Knot...

Are you planning a wedding? Write a quick comment and let us know which (if any) of these trends appeal to you!


Our Favorite Wedding Favors

Have you seen our new wedding favor website? We partnered with Weddingstore.com- known for their great selection of wedding favors. You can select from hundreds of fabulous finds- at great prices - here are a few of our fave faves!

Popcorn Cartons - .99 cents


Leaf Shape Place Cards

Having an Autumn Wedding? Consider these great new laser cut, leaf shape place cards on our microsite...

These place cards are the perfect Autumn accent... casual yet elegant and they easily lend themselves to your own handwriting, or, formal calligraphy.

Available in an assortment of colors, the place cards are truly affordable: .68 to .88 cents a piece depending on quantity. Take a look... and order HERE

We also are curlicue crazy for these laser cut paper frames- they'd look great combo-ed with the leaf place cards and great on their own for a more majestic statement. The baroque oval (below) is even more elegant still- mix and match for a perfectly lovely Autumn wedding!


Yes Virginia, There Is A Post Office!

Some of us are lucky to enough to have a summer house. And some of us are lucky enough to have a summer house in a town so small you need to have mail delivered to the post office. And those of us who are really, really lucky - get to have their mail delivered to a post office that is very old and very cool! Guess that makes ME one very lucky gal!!

And in the sea of post boxes- there is one that awaits us- enduring rain, sleet and snow until summer arrives and with just a simple twist of the perfect combination opens it's door and says- "You've got mail"!

So with Fall just around the corner- we'll be closing the cottage till Spring and we bid goodbye to our beloved post office box. We always get wistful and are always reminded of how many letters have been opened from this box. Back when mail was mail and email wasn't even a twinkling in any of our eyes!


One Crafty Mom!

During our Anniversary Sale one of our all time, longtime, fave On Paper Pen Pals brought in "show and tell" - a treasure trove of all the invitations she has been making using our papers.

Sooo fun to see her creativity! For years she has been shopping at On Paper and has spent hours crafting with her two girls (also On Paper fave fans!). It's been a joy to watch them grow up, and now, to see them share their Mom's love of paper- not to mention entertaining. This family knows how to throw a party!!

What a great testament to D.I.Y. and to sharing creative time with your kids. Thanks Mary Pat for being one very crafty Mom!