Mother's Day

Like the daffodil and hyacinth, the shop is blooming with delights. Mother's Day is just a couple weeks away, so we thought we'd let you know a bit about our annual and perennial favorites.

Two of our most recent jewelry arrivals are textile-based, achieving a bold look with delicate materials. Bracelets, necklaces and pendants in black and metallic European couture lace are light as air and lovely as oh la la. If mom loves color, necklaces of vibrant red and sweet pastel silk polka dots offer dramatic statements that hail from Argentina where they are handcrafted.

At On Paper, we're fond of gifts with meaning. Our bronze and silver talisman pendants are imprints of antique seals chosen for their symbolism, such as the Winged Heart, which signifies "never look back" or the Stag representing peace and trusted instincts. And what's not to love about wax seals (which are also best sellers).

Locally made, personalized family necklaces with hand-stamped silver charms (for initials, names and dates) combine with birthstone rondelle and briolette beads are a wonderful way to remind mom of the people who adore her. And, because they are made near the shop, even procrastinators can have a beautiful custom-made gift to give.

On Paper is purveyor fine stationery. If your mom, grandma, wife, or aunt writes letters (or she'd like to), we have a fantastic selection that includes handmade Italian letter sheets, fun floral note cards and monogram stationery. While time is of the essence to order personalized sets, we have certificates to inform your recipient that something has been ordered for her.

We also feature some truly scrumptious fragrances. Eau my, are they devine! We've got your floral, fresh, sweet and earthy bases covered in perfumes, lotions and bubble bath. Our personal favorites include Tokyo Milk Dark in "Bulletproof," Library of Flower's "Root" and "True Vanilla" and Lollia's "Wish." Handily enough, just for Mother's Day, On Paper is offering Tokyo Milk gift sets (one of which includes a rose print parasol. A parasol!) in "Gin and Rosewater" and "Honey and the Moon."

It's a beautiful spring day and we've got the door propped open. Come on in and get ready to celebrate Mom.


Day of Accessories

Greetings paper connoisseurs, calligraphy fans and the betrothed! Sorry for the long spell between posts, but we've been busy bees in the shop helping our summer brides and grooms select truly stunning wedding invitations and accessory pieces; we're talking vibrant yellow painted edges, violet foil accommodation cards and gold wax seals!

What are "day of" accessories (you know, besides the ring)? At On Paper, we mean programs, menus, place cards, seating charts, table numbers, coasters and any other personalized information you'd like to provide guests (signage near the guestbook or tabletop instructions for guests to post to your online album).

While there is some wiggle room when it comes to selecting and mailing your invitations (our recommendation is placing the order 6 months before your wedding and sending them off 6-8 weeks before the big day), your "day of" accessories are just that. To make sure you have all your parts and pieces in time, we recommend you order these 4-6 weeks ahead.  This is an excellent time to order your thank you notes, too. It guarantees your guests receive a timely expression of gratitude.

Accessories reflect the style and palette of your invitations. If you've chosen an elegant letterpress invitation, it's possible to letterpress a number of your accessories as well (flat printing in the same color family and type style will create a cohesive look that's less expensive).

 The cover of this program is letterpress, while the interior details of the ceremony are flat printed.

Script initials and the motif near the center create a romantic program.

After the ceremony, it's time to celebrate with toasting and a delicious meal! Reception accessories are a great way to debut your new monogram. Let's start with coasters, since many of your celebrations include a cocktail hour.

Whether you choose foil or letterpress, personalized coasters can suggest merriment, sophistication and a second round of good cheer!
Similarly, the typically utilitarian napkin can be gussied up with a monogram and/or your wedding date.

Once the cocktail hour concludes, guests will be ready to find their seats. This can be accomplished via a seating chart, escort cards or place cards. A seating chart or escort card informs your guest of his or her table number (or name). It's up to your guests to arrange themselves, whereas a place card assigns a specific seat.

For a formal event, escort cards in a sophisticated script can surround a gorgeous centerpiece.

For more casual events, have fun with the cards and your display.

A garland of escort cards in Kraft brown emphasizes a beachy bashy do(above), while guests below are encouraged to "feast and frolic." Can do!

For both escort cards and seating chart, you simply need to place table numbers so your guests can find their way.

These examples show numbers, but you can also name your tables after meaningful events in your relationship.

Last but not least, the feast. Even if you are not a foodie, menus are a wonderful, elegant accessory that also make great souvenirs.

Congratulations, you love birds!



Fiancées and fiancés,  if it's six months before your wedding - it’s time to order invitations!

Your wedding invitations are both the pièce de résistance of your wedding stationery suite and an introduction to the atmosphere of your wedding day, so we take our role in helping you create the perfect invitation seriously. That said, we love what we do, so we’ll be having fun right along side you.

Let’s start with the basics. When we talk about wedding invitations, we generally mean the invitation itself, an envelope with the host's address printed on the flap, an RSVP set (card and envelope) and a reception card if the celebration takes places at a different location than the ceremony.  Many couples also choose to include an accommodations card which explains to out of town guests where rooms have been reserved. If other events are planned for the days surrounding the ceremony and reception, it’s also helpful to include an itinerary for your guests.

As for wording and etiquette for your invitation and accessory pieces, we’re well versed (ba-dum-chhh) and will help you say just the right thing and achieve just the right tone, whether formal or lighthearted.

Ok, that’s the nitty gritty. Let’s do pretty pretty! Below are some of the trends we're seeing (and loving).

Calligraphy inspired designs with big, bold script:  

Foil - sparkle isn't just for rings!

Die cut designs add a sophisticated silhouette to invitations:

Laser cutting creates texture and pattern reminiscent of heirloom lace:

 Hand painted edges on ultra thick paper add an unexpected burst of color, creating a piece of art from all angles: 

You're more than welcome to take a look at samples in the store (and check out our beautiful jewelry, social stationery, and fabulous pens) however, we mainly work by appointment to insure every detail of your invitation is perfect. We schedule appointments Tuesday - Saturday 10:30 am - 5 pm; call the store (614.424.6617) or e-mail (writeon@onpaper.com) to set up yours. We're happy to arrange an alternative time if our regular hours do not accommodate your schedule.

 You can find lots more inspiration on our website, photo gallery, and, on our Pinterest page.

We can't wait to meet you, or if we've had the pleasure of working on your Save the Dates, it'll be great to catch up. See you soon!

Next up: Day of Accessories (Programs, Table Numbers and Menus, Oh My)!


Paper Lover in the Field: A Trip to the Ohio Craft Museum

Among the pleasures of blogging for On Paper is the excuse to venture out and explore where and how paper and art collide. In October I attended the Ohio Craft Museum’s CraftView Evening with paper artist Leah Wong whose work was part of the fantastic East & West exhibit. Though that has ended, you can find two installations by Wong at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center. Her work is part of a group show called Cut and Torn--Paperscape. The show runs until December 28th. Go, go, go!

The event began with a talk by Wong in which she described her general approach to creating three dimensional cut paper sculptures like her site-specific Be Present. For it, Wong pre-cut her paper, which she noted was chosen in warmer and cooler shades of white to create depth. For color, she used black and orange ink in varying intensity. Here you can see Wong’s assemblage of the piece which is pictured completed just below:

Be Present, The Ohio Craft Museum

Among the more abstract pieces of paper, familiar shapes emerge (but not too familiar). Here and there are creatures reminiscent of hedgehogs, roosters and skunks. Wong's animals are magical approximations, lovely in their balance of strangeness and familiarity:

 Detail image of Wong's Beach, a separate installation, taken from her website.

The second portion of the night was spent learning about, and attempting, the traditional Chinese art of paper cutting from which Wong's art at least partially descends; centuries of Chinese paper cutters have cut the most delicate images into vibrant red paper.

Patterns are passed from cutter to cutter, but each artist is free to adapt it, thus creating a sort of artistic collaboration or lineage; one cutter may prefer short spiky whiskers on catfish, while another may prefer them long and elegant.


Though it is unlikely the two pieces above were made in direct response to one another, it is a glimpse at the tremendous variety and detail paper cutters achieve.

For our own work, Wong encouraged us to draw and cut without judgment of our own abilities, to approach the project like six year olds: the goal was not realism. She didn't have to tell me twice.

 It's the elusive fox-pig! 
The shape removed from the first animal's belly becomes a bird. My third creature is one third deer, one third tree, and one third giraffe.

These cuts are easily done with an X-acto knife, cutting board and cover stock. Wouldn't you know On Paper carries Green Paper Company paper, both text and cover weight, in rich colors like Redwood and Chestnut and lovely pastels like Magnolia and Spearmint. These papers contain least 30% post consumer recycled waste and many are 100%. What a wonderfully green product for your foray into paper cutting.

The best advice Wong gave during our time was to use the entire sheet of paper (to not cut ourselves into a corner, so to speak) and to embrace whatever strange shapes we produced. I am pretty fond of that little Reedeeraffe.

-Posted by Beth

Next up: The Pièce de Résistance--Your Wedding Invitations


Save the Date!

Now that you’re engaged and you’ve been properly feted, let’s announce your wedding date in a style all your own. 

At least some version of saving the date has be taking place in Europe since the12th century in the form of “banns” in which your parish announced your intent to marry on a specific date. This was to allow any objections to the union to be voiced and the marriage halted if necessary (you know, Godwin is already married to a lady in the next shire or the betrothed are actually be-cousins). The Roman Catholic Church ended this as a necessary step in the 1980s, but in the Church of England this tradition continues.

Image via sherryweb.com
Banns or no banns, you can save the date in beautiful, festive, adorable, sassy and/or sophisticated ways. At On Paper, we’re here to help you find the perfect save the date, whether it will coordinate with and offer a hint of the wedding invitations yet to come, or, be its own, independent piece of art. (The choice is completely yours and either path is correct.)

Trending design elements include fabric inspired prints, letterpress, sumptuously painted edges, snappy fun type, and foil, foil, foil (these trends follow through to invitations as well). And if you lean more toward the classic – we love traditional designs for their timeless elegance: think lovely ivory paper with crisp black engraving. Perhaps add a die cut shape or colored edging for an updated tailored twist.

Take a look the images below to get an idea of what you like and what is possible, then let’s set up an appointment! It’s best to order your save the dates nine months to a year in advance (especially if you’re doing a destination wedding).

We can’t wait to save the date with you!

The Save the Date above and the one below can be ordered on our partnered website (along with tons of other options)! If interested in any of the others, give us a buzz: (614) 424.6617.

Up next: Paper Lover in the Field: A trip to the Ohio Craft Museum