Festive Word Banners with Sommer

Greetings, loyal On Paper blog readers! Here is the second installment from our guest blogger and craft maven, Sommer. Please read, enjoy and get inspired!



I have a couple friends graduating from an amazing leadership course this coming weekend, and wanted to create something festive and special in order to recognize their greatness and commitment: enter word banners! No one can resist smiling when greeted with a happy, personalized message in festive colors.

Here's how I did it:

letters cut from specialty paper and magazine pages (Note: you will need 2 of each letter)
rubber cement
pen or marker
paper clip
card pocket and envelope


1. Choose your word. I chose "Leader" as a permanent affirmation of who they are today, but the possibilities are endless. How about "Hottie" for your girlfriend or "Trendsetter"? Let your imagination run wild!

2. Letters cut from card stock or specialty paper that spell your word or words. Remember that you will need 2 of each to provide enough support and hold your ribbon between.

Hint- Columbus readers, I used the Main Library on Grant Street for my letter forms. For those of you who don't know, the Main Columbus Library has a stencil machine and it really simplifies this step. This is a Resource with a capital R. It's located in the children's section on the 1st floor and easy to get to.

3. On each letter, I measured and marked .5" from the top so I could run my ribbon straight and even through each letter.

4. Figure and mark the center of your ribbon so that you can align your letters to read with roughly the same amount of space between. Ah yes, I am the Queen of Eyeballing, but for those of you who get uncomfortable with that much freedom, go ahead, be a perfectionist and use a ruler!

5. I clearly marked the center of my ribbon with paperclip. Lay the ribbon down, and place your letters just below your ribbon spacing them out so they can be easily read. 

 6. Use rubber cement on the letter that will be the backside. Place the ribbon on top and then add a touch more rubber cement on top of the ribbon and add your top letter form. Press to adhere and move to the next letter.

 7. When the banner was complete and dry I added a message in my card pocket, placed it in the envelope and added address and stamp.
What I learned: The metallic papers are resistant to rubber cement, so you will need to add some additional rubber cement to make those work. And I learned that thick stock and thinner paper cut to slightly (ever so slightly) different sizes, so when you are selecting your front  and backside papers, you may want to make sure they are of like weights.

Thanks for reading and H-A-P-P-Y banner-making!