Emily's Post: Neon!

Unless you've spent the last six months or so under a rock, you're well aware that neon is a huge trend. While I have been prone to dismiss the idea of "trends" (pshh, my tastes are not determined by popular opinion), they are rather useful, to my mind, in two ways.

  1. Trends create a sudden flood of thematically-similar products into the marketplace, which can awaken an appreciation for an aesthetic I had previously under-appreciated, and
  2. in the midst of that flood there are bound to be products that marry the "trendy" with elements I already love, thus providing me the opportunity to broaden my tastes in a way that feels authentic.
Okay, fine. So maybe I'm a little bit influenced by trends.

I have yet to take the plunge sartorially-speaking, and honestly I probably won't; this Irish/Scottish/Western European mutt does not mix well with lime green.

But! I am quite happily indulging, satiating my newfound neon cravings with stationery. Read on to see some of my favorite cards -- all of which are currently available in the shop!

A beautiful combination of summer's two hottest trends, neon + gold,
courtesy of Sugar Paper

Bright and irreverent.
J. Falkner

These are too, too beautiful. You must peruse the
Moglea lookbook. Seriously, do it.

We can always count on a.favorite for fun,
unique cards. Love this more literal take on the trend. 

Perfect for a pool party!
anemone letterpress

Last but not least: I dare you to not smile,
looking at this card from Farewell Paperie.
Don't hurt yourself.

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is fun, bright, and indulgent.



Pefect Colors for a J. Crew Palette

Hey J. Crew girls...
Would you like an envelope to go with that dress?!

Spearmint and Caribbean by Green Paper Company available in a variety of sizes - because one size does not fit all!


Long May it Wave

Happy 4th!

Four cent commemorative stamp issued July 4, 1957
Designed by Victor S. McCloskey, Jr.
via Arago