This week begins the Week of Hope....

On Paper has joined a national grassroots effort to reinvigorate America with HOPE- one card at a time. During the week of September 1 -7 On Paper will participate in A campaign created by HOPE IS IN THE CARDS. All this week On Paper will offer free postage and mailing to every customer that purchases any greeting card or note card during the week.

The recession has hit America's workforce hard. Many feel challenged in today's difficult economic times The simple mailing of a positive message or a message of thanks and support lifts the spirits of the recipient and the sender. It's a way to do something positive, something gracious and to send a hopeful uplifting message.

The campaigns goal is simple:
- 300 million messages of hope and support circulating around the country.
- A renewed sense of community, family and friendship
- The word HOPE to be written on the back of every piece of mail sent this week- including bills!

So start penning and start writing... it's HOPE week!!!

Monday Montage: Cool Greens - Still Hot

Still lots of interest in the color and the concept of green for invites... elements of nature; leaves, mountains, trees and the like. The possibilities are as endless as the inspirations of nature- endless indeed!


Anniversary Reflections

As our twelfth anniversary month draws to a close I am struck by how much our world, and my world has changed in the twelve years since I opened On Paper....

12 Things That Have Dramatically Changed in 12 years
(in no particular order, except #1)

1. E commerce retail sales rose from 8 billion in 1998 to 166 billion in 2007. That's in just 10 years....completely changing the face of brick and mortar retailing forever.

2. Many, including industry experts, perceived Al Gore's concept of global warming to be a farce.

3. Barack Obama becomes the first African American President.

4. September 11th.

5. Google, Ebay and Amazon were just getting going. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube were not even concepts.

6. China entered the World Trade Organization in 2001.

7. Economic recession.

8. I got married. Twice! (someone has to order wedding invitations)! ;)

9. I opened and closed a second On Paper location in Cleveland (2000-2002).

10. The average cell phone call in 2001 lasted 2.74 minutes.

11. Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq war.

12. I opened Green Paper Company, a wholesale recycled paper company.

Sources: census.gov, internet retailer.com, Econonmic Policy Institute (epi.org)
Photo: Scott Cunningham


Wednesday: What's New?

Fresh in... incredibly exquisite stationery sets from Bell'Invito. These note sets are beautifully presented in luxe boxes- french lacquered in pale blue and chocolate brown. Perfect for men and women these ensembles refine and define the art of hand letter writing. Great price points too: $75- 121.

Letterpress note cards are printed on an antique letterpress with a keen eye for design. Beautiful papers are buttery and embellished with motifs, or, for the more classic afficiando- unadorned, creamy stock with hand lined envelopes. All are printed with soy inks and all are lined with traditional Japanese printed paper linings.

All photos via Bell'Invito


Monday Montage: Cool Nature-ie Invites

10 Reasons to Write a Letter

1. A letter says "You are special".

2. A letter invites you entry into someone else's soul.

3. A letter is a form of self expression.

4. A letter allows you the luxury of expressing yourself with a rehearsal before the performance.

6. A letter prompts giving of your self.

7. A letter had the ability to transform someones day.

8. A letter can change the course of someones life.

9. A letter is a chronicle of the present that preserves the past in the future.

10. A letter celebrates connection.


Anna Deavere Smith

I recently had the distinct pleasure of attend not one but two inspirational performances by Anna Deavere Smith while at Chautauqua. She is a masterful story teller, master of words and master at the art of speaking and listening. Much of her work uses the actual text of others and is the result of hours and hours of taped interviews. But how she assembles, collages and pieces together thoughts of others is an artistic wonder!

She spoke a bit about creativity, in the lecture I attended and I took some notes to so I could share them. (Notes taken on my Blackberry no less as, ironically, I had no paper with me!)

  • Uncertainty
  • Independence
  • Lack of safety
  • Need
  • Contradiction / doubt
  • Physical beauty / nature
During this economic downturn we are all faced with these precise elements. A wonderful rminder that some of the most fruitful thought, creative inspiration, ideas and entrepreneurship come not during times of rest but during times of unrest. Very reassuring indeed!

I was so inspired I attended the meet and greet and shared a few words- what an honor!

Not familiar with Ms. Deavere Smith's work? Be sure to visit her website:

And you can and LISTEN to some of her interviews at www.foura.tv and experience for yourself how this artist works.

Photo via annadeaversmithworks.org


My Anniversary

Almost everyday I wear this necklace (purchased at the lovely Short North fave- Collier West) as a reminder, a mantra - if you will- that there are three things to be cognisant of everyday:

1. Be conscious of my actions
2. Be grateful for having forged out on my own to open On Paper
3. Be grateful for having the opportunity to start Green Paper Company

These three things are near and dear to my heart and each day I count my blessings. How fortunate I truly am to have such talented people work with me who devote themselves to helping me realize my own dreams while hopefully, being encouraged to pursue a little dreaming of their own.

On Paper opened on August 17, 1997 - a beautiful hot summer day and as I tore the paper off the window I only hoped I could keep going for a few years time. And now, 12 years later... what an honor and privilege to be able to surround myself with such beautiful paper and paper creations by so many artists and designers. It is something I have always wanted to do and to have been able to bring the artistry of paper to Columbus is something I am so proud to have accomplished.

So- Here's to another 12 years and a special thank you to Dara, my incredibly talented Store Manger who keeps everything humming and running like clock work every day and also to Michelle, for bringing an another set of artistic eyes to all that she does.

Happy 12th Anniversary On Paper (and don't miss our huge Anniversary Sale this weekend!)



What to buy?!

Getting ready to head to NY for a buying trip. Always exciting to see new things and bring them home to roost! Any requests of things you'd like to see!??? If so = post a comment!

In the interim, there is some great jewelry at rock bottom prices on sale in the shop. Need to clear room in the show cases for new Fall collections... so grab the bargains while you can!


Handpoured Soy Candles

So excited to have in these new beautiful candles in the shop from Linnea's Lights. And even more excited to be co-hosting the Monday Morning Mimosa event in NY later this month with them!! (along with Delphine Press, Smock and Russell and Hazel as well)

These candles are as fragrant as they are lovely and the packaging is perfectly vintage chic- especially the label/logo.

Here are some product highlights:

Linnea's Lights candles combine natural soy wax, lead-free cotton candlewicks, pure essences and fine fragrances to create clean burning, perfectly scented and highly aromatic candles. Each candle is triple scented so the subtle fragrance keeps throughout the entire burn. All of Linnea's Lights natural soy candles are meticulously hand-poured in small batches and tested for quality assurance. Every step of the process involves the use of human hands, and each candle is packaged and designed locally in Indiana with recycled or recyclable materials.

Stop by a take in a breath of perfectly scented summer air!


Sneak Peek - My fab wedding!

It was, as you might imagine, an incredible day! I just have a few days of R&R (and boy am I tired!) before heading back to the shop...but here's a quick glimpse of our "Big Day"...

Jack and Lulu

Feelin' summery? These new note cards from Jack and Lulu will surely get your pen pal spirit in motion. Fun, colorful, cheery AND they are embossed with summer motifs overlaid in gold foil.