10 Reasons to Write a Letter

1. A letter says "You are special".

2. A letter invites you entry into someone else's soul.

3. A letter is a form of self expression.

4. A letter allows you the luxury of expressing yourself with a rehearsal before the performance.

6. A letter prompts giving of your self.

7. A letter had the ability to transform someones day.

8. A letter can change the course of someones life.

9. A letter is a chronicle of the present that preserves the past in the future.

10. A letter celebrates connection.


  1. I really appreciated this post. I write 100s of personal letters and find I get about a 2 to 3 % response. People simply do not take the time to write anymore. I reposted you post on by blog. www.navycaptain-therealnavy.blogspot.com


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