Sneak Preview- Cards from Delphine

Ordered more cards at the Stationery Show from one of our favorites - Erika Firm, artiste extraordinaire and founder of Delphine Press. We had the lucky fortune of being booth neighbors with Erika, her husband John and new biz partner Lionel Flax. All are customers of Green Paper Company as well and we have become fast friends. I first met Erica at the first trade show I attended with Green Paper Company in San Francisco last year. She is one of the most talented, and incredibly marketing savvy gals I know and her cards are just gorgeous.

We're so excited to re-stock everyday cards and also, to bring in a fabulous new letterpress initial note card collection which we'll feature when they arrive. Can't wait! In the interim- here's a glimpse of her booth at the National Stationery Show, including a fun shot of yours truly...Moi with Monsieur Lionel!


Free Parking!

Wanna visit the shop??? We'd love to see you!

Visit shortnorth.org to get the most recent tips and happenings in the area and for parking and directions.

And here's an inside tip: If you are visiting On Paper during opening hours Monday thru Friday- there is FREE PARKING Monday - Friday 9 AM - 6 PM in the lot behind the shop. While signs say Tow Zone- towing has been suspended Mon-Fri 9-6. DO NOT PARK HERE SATURDAY, SUNDAY or after 6 PM WEEKDAYS or you WILL be towed!

Enjoy this Summer perk and visit soon! Shopping locally is one of the best economy boosters going. For more info about supporting your local retailer check out The 3/50 Project a fabulous campaign started by Cinda Baxter, a friend of mine, and it's taking the nation by storm!


Sneak Preview- Coupon Holder

Lots of requests lately for cool coupon holders... everyone is pinching pennies these days- so why not do it in style? Coming soon- accordion coupon holders in several styles, including this fun Andy Warhol version pictured above. So give a welcome to the Penny Saver and Val-Paks that arrive in your mailbox, break out the scissors and happy coupon clipping!


Sneak Preview- Stationery Sets

Maybe it's the economy and a renewed desire to connect? Many people are asking for larger "lovely" letter writing sheets. So... I just purchased these stationery sets at the Stationery Show and they'll be arriving shortly. Lovely colors, lovely prints and a lovely pricepoint!

So if a card is just not quite the right size to say all that there is to say- these letter sheets just may be the perfect fit!


Holiday Hours

On Paper will be closed on Monday, May 25 in observance of Memorial Day.


My Favorite Purchase

Quick Preview:

How great are these??!! My personal favorite of my purchases from the Stationery Show are these cards by
La Familia Green- due in to the shop shortly. They sum up, with humor and wit, my #1 Pet Peeve!


No Business Like Show Business

Arrived home yesterday from THE show- what a whirlwind week! The show was much busier than expected I am happy to say. There was much anticipation about both buyer and exhibitor turnout due to the economy but I think everyone was pleasantly surprised. Perhaps things are looking up?!

Our setup for Green Paper Company was impressive and the booth was BUSY- lots of people, lots of shopping green. :) You can read more about that side of things on the Green Paper Company Blog. I gave a presentation to a sold out crowd- "How to Create Eco-Friendly Invites and Favors" assisted by fellow retailer Grace Cole of Scribe Paper from Marblehead, MA. Scribe printed some of the GPC iimprintable invitations and did a beautiful job. The Demo created lots of buzz and was very well received. Perhaps I can present a similar version at the shop??? Any interest?

I'm still getting the hang of my dual role as buyer/exhibitor- two very large set of hats to wear and it's a challenge to do both. But LOTS of fun and one thing's for sure- I love a challenge! It was hard to get out of the booth but I did source many new things and can't wait to bring them in. My main focus was greeting cards so lots of newness on the way. My camera, (my new camera!) had a glitch all week so I did not post- my apologies but I will post ongoing with new additions before and after they arrive.

Many highlights to the week- it's an exciting time! But I am glad to be home with my two dogs, my Beau, and looking forward to a few days off to spend Memorial Day weekend opening up my beloved cottage for the summer. Happy weekend to all!



It's not everyday that one of your best friends launches a new business. And what a business it is! Jane Pennells has been working on the development of her charitable giving website Lavishgiving.com for over a year. And now, in all of incredibly beautiful splendor here it is- live and on the web! I have to say it may well be one of the most beautiful sites on the internet. The most beautiful thing about it is that all sales over $100 receive a "Good Card" worth 20% of your purchase, redeemable at Network for Good where you can donate to your charity of choice.

Here's a brief preview of some of the simply scrumptious assortment you can find on the Lavishgiving.com site. Talk about guilt free shopping! The more you get- the more you give!!!

All phot0s via Lavishgiving.com


Joan on Eva's blog

I am featured on Eva Jorgenson's fabulous blog this week. Eva is an incredibly talented Columbus letterpress artist who worked at On Paper for a time when she first moved to Columbus. Her blog is very hot and during the Stationery Show I can't tell you how many people have told me they read about me on Eva's blog. Check out the May 14 post and follow Eva's blog. It's a great, inspiring site!


Gone Fishing! (I mean Buying!) (and Selling!)

I've headed to NY and will be gone May 14 -21 for the National Stationery Show. The show promises to be full of the newest and the best of the nation's stationery aficionados so look forward to some great new product to start filtering in during the next few weeks and months.

I will wearing two extra large hats all week- as both buyer for the shop and as exhibitor for my wholesale company Green Paper Company. So if I make it through the set up (we have a double booth) I'll be sure to post en route and send a preview from the show floor of what's in store....

See you in NY!


Inspired Masks

Inspiration comes in the most unlikely of places and in every bit of news lies an aspiring piece of art. These surgical masks hung in the window of the fabulous Short North shop Tigertree really caught my eye and gave pause to the medical "pandemic" unfolding. A bit of dark humor, more than a bit of wit and a bit of reverence all combined to make a striking window installation.


New Postage Rates 5.11.09

Don't forget- today new postal rates go in to effect- so get in line and grab those new images! And at least for now- forever is still forever! For more info visit the US Postal Service website- usps.com

Getting married? The new .59 cent stamp is versatile and will work with most invitations. Do remember that almost ALL invitations will require at least .59 stamps- and square format requires slightly more. Be certain to take a complete invitation ensemble to the post office and have it weighed. Here's one time you simply can not guess. Also- remember to pre-stamp your reply envelopes (preferably with a coordinating stamp).
Customized stamps are also a fun option to consider to further personalize your event.


Remember the Typewriter

All photos: Martin Howard Collection

A friend of mine was telling me about a collection of antique typewriters he had seen recently while on vacation. I started thinking about typewriters- their unique shapes- so sculptural and intricate- masculine and delicate at the same time and what incredible work horses they were. It's hard to fathom that this groundbreaking invention that revolutionized how the world communicates is now a mere dinosaur.

Fortunately, however, there are many devoted collectors that preserve their beauty, function and remarkable place in history. One collector in particular caught my fancy as I cruised the Internet. Martin Howard has a marvelous website- with an elaborate history of each piece in his collection. Click over to
antiquetypewriters.com and view the amazing Martin Howard Collection. Just astounding!


B Designs

More boxed notes just arrived - a great time to stock up!

Photos by B Designs

B Designs is a letterpress card company that we have carried in the shop since they started way back in 1998. We still love their boxed thank you notes which are a perennial best seller. B Designs is known for their simplicity of design, vintage inspired typographic ornaments and illustrations and fine quality letterpress. The size of their "Tiny Cards" are not so tiny, and a perfect size for crafting a personal note of thanks and appreciation.


Remember Mama! Mother's Day 5.10.09

Don't forget! Mother's Day is this Sunday...(and for all you last minute shoppers- we are closed on Sundays). So run, don't walk and pick up a Mother's Day card, that is of course, unless you want to undergo a full year of maternal guilt!

But seriously- we have some great gifts in store:

  • Lovely Lollia creams, lotions and bubble bath potions
  • Delicate baubles for the ears and bedazzling bijoux for the neck (that's chic speak for jewelry for all you men out there!)
  • Paper delights of all types- from the most traditional to the most of the moment
  • Ostrich, peacock and pheasant quill pens
  • Antique British ink wells- circa 1870
  • Journals and albums to pen your family history and preserve your precious photos
Store hours: 10 - 6 Moday thru Saturday


Cool Graphics

Making your own invites and at a loss for inspiration? Check out these cool graphics- available for purchase via instant download online. As long as you are not planning to sell the work that you create, these images can be the perfect launch pad for your invitation project.

So if your not an art school grad, computer whiz or graphics guru these nature inspired images may be the perfect element you are looking for. Once you have the art... match it to a perfectly sized envelope, pop it in your file and print on a eco-conscious paper from On Paper. 

Presto...invitation artist-ique!

Photos: kapitza.com