Sneak Preview- Cards from Delphine

Ordered more cards at the Stationery Show from one of our favorites - Erika Firm, artiste extraordinaire and founder of Delphine Press. We had the lucky fortune of being booth neighbors with Erika, her husband John and new biz partner Lionel Flax. All are customers of Green Paper Company as well and we have become fast friends. I first met Erica at the first trade show I attended with Green Paper Company in San Francisco last year. She is one of the most talented, and incredibly marketing savvy gals I know and her cards are just gorgeous.

We're so excited to re-stock everyday cards and also, to bring in a fabulous new letterpress initial note card collection which we'll feature when they arrive. Can't wait! In the interim- here's a glimpse of her booth at the National Stationery Show, including a fun shot of yours truly...Moi with Monsieur Lionel!

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