7 Things I Heart Today

Photo by Emily Noble

A stunningly beautiful day today here in Columbus O-H-I-O so I waltzed over to Goodale Park for a few moments to clear my head and reflect on 5 simple things I love today:

1. The ginormous lilly pads springing up from the pond. Incredibly tall and incredibly huge!

2. More natural forms- 12" pods dangling from a beautiful old tree and dancing above my head.

3. The black and red ladybug that just landed on the black park bench where I am sitting. A card design in the making.

4. The white noise of the nearby highway- sounding a bit like the ocean and a bit like a hum of a big city. Reminding me it is neither, but happy that it tricks me in to thinking so.

5. Smiling dogs running through the park- happy, carefree, romping.

6. Ducks, ducks and more ducks- claiming their turf and flaunting their feathers for the Mrs. to be- at least the next Mrs. to be for the winter that is!

7. Despite a very tough economy and a very slow week the shop is busy today. And life is good- we have parks- and the park is FREE!

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