Mix it up

Lovin' these two new stationery sets from Chronicle Books...

16 writing sheets and 16 envelopes (4 designs, 2 of each style). Great size... keep it short and sweet but just enough room so say a bit more than a card: 6 x 7-3/4 inches. Super cool printed envelopes that coorodinate with each letter sheet to mix and match. Each set contains one sheet of stickers with assorted playful icons- embellish with abandon! At only $8.95- these are a Recession proof pick!

The set above is by Djerba Goldfinger for Repro Depot. Folk and Flora Mix & Match Stationery -- Funky textile inspired patterns adorn stationery sheets to flaunt your creative spirit. So fun to put together combos that add a surprise to any mailbox.

The second is by British designer SUKIE- an amazing designer who came on the scene years ago and launched a whole new trend of style. Often imitated- these are the real thing! My personal pick: squirrels and hedgehogs... what's yours??

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