Plant a Seed- Plantable Paper






These cards bring us back to our roots- handmade paper with floral inclusions. When we opened the shop almost thirteen years ago, handmade paper with floral inclusions were all the rage and a staple of our diet! After a long absence the trend is back, but this time, with an eco-conscious twist. You can plant these cards which are embedded with seeds and turn your mail in to a letter garden!

All of these cards are handmade paper and the seeds are put into the pulp/water bath during the papermaking process. The inclusions float to the surface of the pulp as it is captured on the mold and deckle screen. It's a relatively simple process and if you've never tried your hand at papermaking...here's are two great places to start:

INTRO TO PAPERMAKING: Illustrated instructions with a supply list

PAPERMAKING DEMO VIDEO: Watch a video on Flickr


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