Addressing the Dress

My last post on frills and textured gowns had me roving fashion blogs and I just can't seem to take my eyes of dresses. After all, I was a costume design major in college and after paper- there's nothing like the feel of a lovely piece of fabric!

For brides seeking the simpler side of fashion check out these blogs/sites/dresses- some of my favorites from the last few days of dress hunting:

From my newest fave designer- Elizabeth Dye... if I had the time I, for sure, would have had her make my wedding dress. Check out her wonderful designs and her inspiring blog...so great!

When speaking of classic, simple and chic, one has to mention the relatively new and hugely popular collection from J. Crew:

And if your wondering about my dress? Found it at Saks but they didn't have my size.
Luckily Bluefly did!

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