Bella Umbrella - Rain or Shine

Just came across a fabulous website- Bella Umbrella. What did we ever do without the Internet!? Even just for shopping as an evening entertainment... talk about window shopping!

Anyway- as you know I am getting married this summer and like all outdoor wedding brides I am concerned about the weather- to say the least!! After consulting the Farmers Almanac I'm not terribly optimistic. So I checked out this fab collection of vintage umbrellas that you can RENT!

The rentals range from $10 - $30 each from Thursday until Monday, and what an amazing showpiece! I'm even thinking about them for a sunny day, how perfect they would be for a bridal party, and in case of rain- what about hanging them from the tent ceiling as a softening decor centerpiece extraordinaire!?

Any other rainy day inspirations??? Post a comment with your ideas...

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