Civilettes by Greer

It's SO fun when a fellow stationery creates a lovely little line and makes it available to other fellow stationers to sell. Such is the case with "Civilettes" designed by Chandra Greer from Greer stationers in Chicago.

Chandra has a beautiful, cool and On Paper sympatico stationery shop in Old Town. We love just about everything she sells (and sell much of the same!). Her clever Civilettes are a nod to random acts of kindness and encourage the user to give a kind word, an apropos apology, or a quick I love you via a mini card to a welcome recipient.

There are 10 miniature cards per pack, available in 4 sentiments: I love you, I'm sorry, Good Job and Thank You. Great price too: $6.50 per pack. We've already sold out of our first order- so these babies are popular! Just received more today--- so stop in and pick up a pack!

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