Paper in Pink

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month draws to a close - thought I'd salute with a nod to the paper fabulous- toilet paper fabulous that is!

A very cool fashion show was presented in September by Cananda's leading TP manufacturer- Cashmere- a show of fashion designs created by- you guessed it- good ol' papier de toilette! Here's what they say about the event:

"Fifteen top fashion designers from across Canada graced the runway with their vision of a future without breast cancer at the Sixth Annual White Cashmere Collection 2009: Fashion with Compassion in Toronto on September 23.

A unique celebration of style with substance, the world-leading White Cashmere Collection is crafted entirely in 100% pure, soft and luxurious sheets of Cashmere Bathroom Tissue, Canada’s best-selling brand. The Cashmere BT (bathroom tissue) Couture collection also heralds the return of limited-edition Pink Cashmere, a fund- and awareness-raiser for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, with twenty-five cents from the sale of every package of Pink going directly to the Foundation."

To see the entire collection and read the designer bios visit the Couture White Cashmere Collection site. And next time you make a TP purchase- stock up and consider the possibilities...
what a great way to boost your recession wardrobe!! ;-)

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