Invitation Trend: Mad for motifs

Swash motif at the top of a Save-the Date card

Acorn used as a typographical ornament to break sections of type
Multiple motifs create a modern classic. Note round spacers between words.

Everyone loves motifs- they add flair to the simple and an air of sophistication to any invitation. They have been popular on party and wedding invitations for some time and never seem to go out style. Perhaps because of their classic nature. "Dingbats" or typographical ornaments have been used for centuries by typographers as visual ornamentation and to create space breakers for page composition.

The samples above are 3 simple examples of the many motifs we've used on invitations on recent projects. For more on motifs see the next post. We've even created a special line called On Paper Press Express which relies on the motif to create fast, inexpensive party invites. See them on our website: On Paper

For weddings, we especially like to draw a visual thread through a project by utilizing motifs on each of the components of the invitation and stationery ensemble. Not only does it create a theme but it helps create a memorable event. From save-the-dates to thank you notes- it's a perfect way to create a look that is uniquely yours.

When in need of that certain something to add to a page- consider the motif!

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