"Ink Spot" - Featured Company: Arabella Papers

In our new monthly feature called "Ink Spot" we'll spotlight a particular company of our affection.

This month it's Arabella Papers- a relatively newcomer to the retail wedding market.

Arabella Papers uses an exquisite printing technique called the Bellpress. It is similar to engraving in that it is raised, is capable of reproducing intricate detail and gorgeous saturated color. Unlike engraving it does not leave an engraving "bruise" on the back of the card so it is perfectly suited to two sided printing. Bellpress printing can also cover larger areas of ink so bold, powerful design options not suited to engraving are perfect for this method.

Known for their elaborate "wallpaper" designs- these intricate patterns cover the backs and often the fronts of the invite with wall to wall pattern. Designs range from the most traditional textile inspired prints to modern geometrics, and of course, custom designs are a fabulous option.

Arabella invitations have been selling so well at On Paper and we think it's because it is tremendous value for the price. It's rare that invitations that include elaborate printing, high style design, top-drawer papers and the finest attention to detail can be found- no less found at a great price. While not inexpensive, invitations can run in the $600 to 3,000+ range for 100 pieces, clients agree that it's serious bang for the buck.

So with the economy in the doldrums- Arabella is well worth it- and it's why we keep saying "Bella Arabella!!!"

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