New to the Shop: Candles!

This week has brought On Paper a beautiful new array of candles, each one prettier than the last. We couldn't help but proudly display them in the center of the shop; a shrine to the simple joy of twinkling lights and wafting fragrance. Read on to learn more about a few of our favorites!

The clean European elegance of the Grand Hotel de Paris and Le Grand Cafe candles (upper right and lower left, respectively) are beautifully balanced by their worldly-yet-nostalgic fragrances. Hotel de Paris is fresh but sweet, with a scent of Linen Water -- conjuring up images of airy hotel rooms high above the Seine. Le Grand Cafe is slightly more proletarian -- aiming to remind one of "summers spent picking blackberries in the French countryside." Though I can't claim to have done anything of the sort, if I close my eyes and inhale I might be convinced otherwise....

If you're drawn to a more rustic aesthetic, the sweet little tins or knobby jars wrapped with twine are sure to delight. Fragrances range from the sweet and floral (french violet, cherry blossom) to spicy and sultry (white tea ginger, cedar sage). Soy wax blended with essential oils burns clean and light, aided by their unique wooden wicks (only adding to the rustic charm).

Our regulars will recognize the striking silhouettes of Wicked's Negative Space collection, but our enthusiasm is renewed by the arrival of a fourth fragrance, the victrola featured bottom right. The collection is inspired by the psyches and struggles of provocative authors of the past. The four we carry represent (respectively, clockwise from upper left) Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde and Anais Nin. The melancholy concept alone (and their brilliant packaging) was enough to ensnare us, but the fragrances are truly bewitching. For instance, the Oscar Wilde victrola design that inspired today's fervor is an intoxicating blend of bergamot, warm oak, vanilla and patchouli, with a hint of cedar -- but the depth and complexity is truly indescribable, as though the luminary's essence were contained in the wax.

A word to the wise: if your curiosity is aroused, be sure to stop in! In the time it took me to compile this post, several of these lovely candles have found new homes, and I can only imagine the trend will continue with tomorrow's Gallery Hop. See you soon....

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