Daydreaming On Paper

Twice last week first-time visitors to the shop described it as being "like a dream."

Dreamy, no?
Now, I'm informed with some regularity that my job is enviable. (Not to brag, or anything....) I think it's largely because I am able to spend my days surrounded by beautiful things. 

And they're right. On Paper is a special place -- and quite a contrast from a cold gray January day such as this one. Warm bright light radiates from chandeliers, illuminating our paper wall on the right, thousands of cards to the left. Looking straight to the back, delicate jewelry twinkles behind glass. Taking your first steps into the shop, the floor creaks and groans -- there isn't a silent floorboard to be found -- and it's easy to feel as though you've traveled back in time. To a time when fine stationery and the handwritten word were widely valued. 

Note: I said widely, not highly. Because the truth is, our awesomely ancient floorboards didn't transport you through time -- they woke you up to the present day reality, that paper goods are only getting cooler, and the handwritten word? More meaningful than ever.

Come back soon! It's not nearly so nice, out there.

Wednesday was National Handwriting Day -- did you celebrate? We shared a couple sweet little links on our Facebook page, be sure to check them out if you're seeking inspiration. It's gotten me thinking about handwriting... even more than usual! In fact, when drafting up this post, I worked with my trusty paper and pen. A tried, true, more natural method, that had fallen by the wayside in recent years. (Writing research papers on tight deadlines has a way of streamlining the creative process.) I found I was lost in thought, toying with various turns of phrase and enjoying the exercise -- rather than the digital daze that takes over when staring at a blank white screen.

How do you celebrate the joys of paper and pen?
We'd love to hear.


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