Buying Season!!!

Greetings! If your wondering why so few new posts of late- suffice it to say- I've been BUSY!!! Just returned from not one, but 3 buying trips! The shop is closed today (Monday) but I wanted to post a quick glimpse of some of the great new buys... and this is JUST from my trip to NY last week...

Old world stationery makes a come back with note packets imported from Italy- traditional Florentine patterns and solid colors, Recife pens- a twelve year fave, an entire new selection and presentation of picture frames (LUV!), luxe holiday ornaments- mini works of art and small art signs- quippy or sweet sayings and the like.

Amazing new handcrafted jewelry much vintage inspired and some with a bit more of a trendy edge.

More guest books from Rag & Bone Bindery and a frame made from linen rags!

Cool decorative pillows at incredibly affordable prices- wish I'd ordered more!

Last year handmade ornaments were such a hit that I ordered more- the detail work is intricate and defies the word patience!

More pix soon... Can't wait for you to see all of these in real time!!!

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