Necklaces and Bags and Scarves - Oh My!

You may have noticed that On Paper is not just about paper anymore. Actually, it never was... when we opened our tag line was-

Handmade Paper, Stationery & Invitations, Uncommon Gifts

The years have weathered an interesting ebb and flow on the product front and one of the truly great things about being a small independent business is the ability to be able to shift with the ever changing tides.

I dare say that I am loving all these new products and textures- crunchy crisp canvas bags, the sparkle-ie wink as a necklace glistens, a dangling charm here and there. And that's why today I was just so pleased with myself as I unpacked my first order of scarves.

It's no secret that I am a fabric snob and I selected these little lovelies for their textures, details, and well, yes, their price points. At $26 and $34 they are an easy "yes" and a great way to warm your winter blues!

Now I just need to find the perfect display fixture!


  1. Since you like to collage why not get a few head busts and collage them to fit the store decor and scarves as a unique way of displaying them?

  2. Thnx Kali- Great idea- maybe for jewelry too!

    All best-Joan


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