My Small, Skinny, Interfaith Wedding - Part II - Wedding Bands

Well- now that the invitations are in the mail... I've moved on. On to the next priority- the rings- of course!!

This was really hard for me. I have two very distinct sides - vintage and contemporary. Makes sense if you know what product I have in the shop. That said- finding the perfect ring was really a challenge. I already had a beautiful vintage style aquamarine ring given to me by mon amour last year for Christmas. (similar style shown above) so our search really focused on wedding bands.


I prowled the web, honed my style, found inspiration, met with several local jewelers and then finally found "THE ONE", at a lovely retail shop in Chicago!

"THE ONE!" ;)

I looked long and hard and thought I'd share some of the great websites and images I found along the way:

applesofgold.com A great site that has incredibly well priced jewelry - some classic and very traditional and some beautifully contemporary.


meant4u.com A really unique concept using finger prints to create jewelry. This was our first runner up as a modern twist on a tradtional rings. Super nice guy, interesting concept but in the end, we wanted to support a local business and we just weren't comfortable making our ring purchase site unseen.


Marlene Harris Collection Antique, estate and vintage jewelry from the Civil War era, Victorian Art Deco and beyond. Surprisingly affordable prices for incredibly lovely pieces. Based in Pittsburgh.


Etsy.com- A great way to support a studio artist. If you are looking for something modern and are considering alternative metals- titanium, paladium or silver- there may be some great options. Many also work in gold and platinum. A few artists I loved: beyondtherockz and katezabone.

beyondtherockz - etsy.com

katezabone - etsy.com

Barney's- A fabulously expensive and expansive jewelry department with incredible pieces by contemporary jewelers; Malcomb Betts, Cathy Waterman and many others.
Cathy Waterman (top) Malcomb Betts (below) via barneys.com

Clay-pot.com Lots of unique styles by artists that are clearly not what you see everyday. If you are looking for modern classics be sure to check out this site!

Alex Sepkus via clay-pot.com

Yasuko Azuma via clay-pot.com

Carla Caruso via clay-pot.com

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